Better Patient Care Using Vein Imaging Technology – PRP

Plasma Rich Platelet (PRP) into woman's temple

Vein Imaging for Patient Satisfaction

All patients have some anxiety about medical procedures. Missed and multiple sticks are at the top of the list. Vein visualization can help minimize missed sticks and give your patient confidence in your practice.

For blood draw procedures like PRP we want to make sure to minimize the number of sticks. And for the injection part of the procedure, avoiding veins can help minimize bruising. Since everyone has slightly different vein positions, investing in the newest vein imaging technology from NextVein© can help you attract and retain new patients.

Blood draw for lab tests

Why Vein Imaging?

Blood draw and IVs often require multiple sticks. This can be a significant source of patient dissatisfaction. Vein imaging has been shown to improve first stick success. This could provide a competitive advantage for your practice.

Vein imaging is a non-contact system that projects a map of your veins directly on the skin. By showing where the veins are, you can adjust the position of the injections to avoid them. This can reduce multiple sticks, post-procedure bruising and other complications.


  • Vein imaging displays a map of veins directly on your skin
  • This can help your clinician find or avoid veins to give optimal results
  • Minimizing multiple sticks and bruising may improve patient satisfaction, recruitment and retention

Why NextVein?

The NextVein device is the newest vein imaging product available. It uses cool, safe infrared light to detect the position of the blood in the veins and uses advanced computing technology and augmented reality to project the map back on your skin. This vein roadmap helps takes the guesswork out of finding or avoiding veins. Unlike other devices that use lasers, this safe LED-based technology can be used on your face.

What is PRP?

PRP is an acronym for Platelet Rich Plasma. It is a procedure where blood is drawn from the vein, processed, and then injected into an area for both cosmetic improvement and for the treatment of injury. In the media, it has often been referred to as a “Vampire Facelift.”

NextVein V800NV Augmented Reality Projection Vein Image A