NextVein Vein Visualization is the

NextVein uses augmented reality to give you all of the important vein finding features in an affordable, handheld device. You now have choices when you’re considering handheld for rapid assessment that quickly converts to hands-free during the procedure.
NextVein V800NV Vein Visualization Device Showing Augmented Reality Vein Pattern In White Color Mode
...such technology can contribute to success in peripheral catheter placement.

Infusion Nurses Society

Why Vein Visualization?

Vein visualization is emerging as the standard of care for vein access and avoidance in hospitals and medical offices worldwide. For IV starts, it has been shown to improve first stick success, reduce patient pain and increase patient satisfaction. For cosmetic injections, vein visualization can help avoid bruising and avoid social downtime.

Vein visualization systems are also known as vein finders, vein lights, vein lites, and vein illumination. They differ from vein lights by using advanced computer algorithms to enhance the vein image. Many of the vein lights are simply bright flashlights. Vein visualization uses augmented reality technology to help detect and project vein patterns.

Why Choose NextVein?

NextVein was founded by a team of experts in vein visualization. We’re committed to providing affordable vein visualization technology with the right features, great service, and support.

Vein Visualization Is Included In The Infusion Nurses Society Standard Of Care

The Need for Vein Visualization is Well Supported

Improves First Time Stick Success

Without Vein Visualization 14.3%
With Vein Visualization 85.7%

83% Improvement in
Pediatric Patients

Reduces Reported Pediatric Pain

Without Vein Visualization 60.77
With Vein Visualization 34.47

43% Reduction

Reduces Reported Adult Pain

Without Vein Visualization 55.4each
With Vein Visualization 34.0each

39% Reduction in Patient Pain

Reduces Need For Escalation

Without Vein Visualization 100%
With Vein Visualization 45%

45% Reduction

NextVein Features & Benefits


for rapid patient assessment.

Hands Free

during the procedure

Light weight

and comfortable to use.

Advanced Digital Design

using proprietary algorithms.

Narrow Handle

is easy to hold.

Multiple Color Modes

meets user preferences.

Bright, Crisp Projection

for great vein visibility.

Easy to Use

simple, intuitive design.

Wheeled Stand

for easy transport & use.

Long Battery Life

for all day use.

Flexible Charging

in stand and on table.
NextVein V800NV Vein Visualization Device Being Used Hand Held to Find Veins
NextVein V800NV Augmented Reality Vein Projection – Dark Veins, White Background
Mode A
Dark Veins on a White Background
NextVein V800NV Augmented Reality Vein Projection – Green Veins, Dark Background
Mode B
Green Veins on a Dark Background
NextVein V800NV Augmented Reality Vein Projection – Small Area, Green Veins, Dark Background
Mode C
Green Veins on a Small Dark Background

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