$849 in Savings including second year of service through Sep 30th 2024

Vein Finder Total Protection Plan

Only From NextVein!

Part Numbers:

First Year Included
NVS1 Second Year
NVS2 Second and Third Years
NVS3 Second, Third and Fourth Years
NVS4 Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Years
NVSL Loss Protection (Must also purchase 5 years)

The ultimate service and warranty program for your handheld projection vein finder and wheeled stand.

With the NextVein Total Protection Plan, you get complete coverage for your Equipment, protecting you from unexpected repair costs and downtime. Here are some of the key features and benefits of the program:

  1. One Year No-Questions-Asked Warranty: Enjoy a one-year, bumper-to-bumper, warranty for your NextVein Equipment. NextVein will replace the Equipment regardless of the reason for failure, even if it is the user’s fault.
  2. Equipment Forward-Swap: If your Equipment fails during the coverage period, NextVein will provide an equipment swap, which gets you up and running much faster than repairing the unit and returning it to you. NextVein will send you a replacement unit before it receives the original unit being replaced by forward-swap, meaning NextVein will send you a shipping label at no charge, and as soon as the Equipment being replaced is shown as shipped by the shipper (either UPS or FedEx), NextVein will send you a replacement unit.
  3. Service Plan Extensions: The Service Plan may be extended up to a maximum of five (5) years.
  4. Loss Protection: If you purchase the 5 year plan with the system, you are eligible for loss coverage. The loss protection program replaces a unit that is lost or stolen.
  5. Battery Replacement: Batteries are included as part of the coverage.

With the NextVein Total Protection Plan, you can be confident that your Equipment will be available to your patients and staff, no matter what. Maximize your return on investment by protecting your Equipment against unexpected repairs and downtime. Ensure that your Equipment is always ready when you need it, helping you to provide the best care for your patients and making your staff’s job easier.