Vein Visualization from NextVein can be used anywhere veins are accessed or avoided.

By Procedure

IV Access

Nearly half of all IV starts require multiple sticks. Vein visualization has been shown to improve first stick success and reduce patient pain.

Blood Draw

Blood test results inform 90% of medical decisions. Getting a specimen reliably and rapidly is important. Vein visualization can help.

Cosmetic Injections

Vein visualization can help avoid facial veins and prevent bruising that leads to social downtime.

Platelet Rich Plasma | PRP

Vein visualization helps with identifying patent veins that can be used for blood draw in PRP. Fewer sticks and less patient pain can increase patient satisfaction.

Vascular Surgery

Vein visualization is in use worldwide to aid in locating veins and verifying sclerotherapy results.

By Location


Hospitals around the world are focused on patient satisfaction and cost control. Vein visualization can help with both.

Surgery Centers | ASCs

Surgery centers run on a schedule. Delays caused by unsuccessful IV starts can ripple through the schedule. Vein visualization can improve first stick success and reduce delays.

Imaging Centers

IV contrast is required for many procedures. Improving IV access with vein visualization can help with patient satisfaction and schedule management.

Long Term Care

Long term care facilities are called on to handle higher acuity patients who often need IVs. Escalation for unsuccessful IVs requires and expensive visit or a return to the hospital.

Infusion Centers | Cancer Centers

IVs, PICC lines and ports are used for infusion. Vein visualization can make IVs more successful and avoid unnecessary escalation.

By Role


Nurses are the front line for starting an IV. Studies have shown that vein visualization helps with many issues with IVs including staff satisfaction.

Hospital Leadership

Managing costs and patient satisfaction is at the top of every executive’s list. Vein visualization has been shown to reduce costs and patient pain. NextVein makes vein visualization affordable.

Dentists | Dental Surgeons

You focus on a successful procedure and minimizing patient discomfort. Difficult venous access is stressful for you and the patient. Vein visualization can help.


First stick, every time is the goal with phlebotomy. Vein visualization can help identify patent veins for successful blood draw.


A number of studies have been published using vein visualization to avoid superficial veins during surgery.