What Is Vein Visualization?

Vein visualization is a medical technology that shows a clinician the location of peripheral veins. It’s sometimes called vein illumination or a vein finder. Modern vein visualization devices are hand-held and do not come in contact with the patient.

The most capable devices use Augmented Reality (AR) to project the vein pattern back onto the patient’s skin. AR is a technology that enhances what you see with the naked eye to give you more information about what you’re looking at.

All vein visualization devices rely on the principle that the hemoglobin in the blood absorbs infrared light more than the surrounding tissues in the body. Infrared is invisible to the human eye, so the device needs to take the vein image that it detects and re-project it back onto the patient in a visible color to become visible to the clinician.

NextVein V800NV Augmented Reality Vein Projection – Dark Veins, White Background
NextVein V800NV Augmented Reality Vein Projection – Green Veins, Dark Background
NextVein V800NV Augmented Reality Vein Projection – Small Area, Green Veins, Dark Background

The NextVein Advantage

The NextVein system shines infrared light on the body and then uses an infrared-sensitive camera to see the infrared vein pattern. The image is processed using advanced algorithms to highlight the vein location, and a micro projector then projects the vein pattern onto the patient.

A special mirror aligns the image seen by the camera and the enhanced image from the projector, so they line up and deliver a crisp, accurate vein pattern. The camera/projector system is fully digital and has no moving parts.

Economic Benefits

  • Reduction in material waste
  • Improvement in patient satisfaction scores
  • Reduction in unreimbursed escalations
  • Reduction in clinical workload

Clinical Benefits

  • Increase in 1st stick success
  • Reduction in number of sticks
  • Reduction in total sticks
  • Reduction in patient pain
  • Increase in catheter dwell time
  • Reduction in escalations
  • Reduction in PICC escalations

Patient Benefits

  • Reduction in number of sticks
  • Reduction in patient pain
  • Higher satisfaction

How Does Vein Visualization Work?